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mobile type cold blast engine
Cooler / environmental air cooling principle
Environmental conditioning principle is based on water instead of Freon as a refrigerant, the introduction of the Swedish Patent and efficient technology, direct evaporative cooling. The principle is that the air and water contact, the water absorbs heat in the evaporation process, the temperature of the air decrease. Specific process is: When the hot air through the core components of the device (multi-layer corrugated fiber steam distribution networks), heat exchange and filter out dust in the air, making the air changes along similar lines, such as enthalpy is cool. Jiayou environmental conditioning chillers is the use of this natural phenomenon, so that the hot air temperature drastically reduced 8-15 degrees Celsius, after the formation of clean cold air into the cooling plant to achieve cooling purposes. Due to environmental air by evaporation of water adiabatic humidification cooling of the air, so cool at the same time it can be properly humidified air, and water-soaked wet curtain can also absorb dust in the air, plays a role in purifying the air.

First, a three-phase single speed / single-phase single speed / single-phase inverter 12 stalls
Three out of the upper and lower side of the wind in the form of 2 to meet the installation requirements of different places
3. The standard controller, LCD controller, or frequency control system, multiple choice, simple operation
The shell is made of high-strength PP, UV corrosion, unique design, solid structure
5. The open-water distributor, uniform and smooth water flow, clogging
6. professionally designed axial flow fan, air volume, low noise
7. High quality aluminum motor, good heat dissipation, high degree of protection, waterproof, moisture-proof
8. A high-performance wet curtain, evaporation, cooling effect, easy to clean
9. pre-filter air filter, easy to operate, easy to clean
II: 1, less investment costs, compared with traditional air conditioning system compressor, cost less than half, less power consumption, but the effectiveness of large, conventional electricity per hour in 1.1 degrees is the traditional central air conditioning power consumption of 1 / 8, no freon, the real environmental carbon.
2, the frame is plastic repression, anti-aging 5090/6090 wet curtain paper, wet curtain paper imported Loctite glue, water immersion, easy unglued collapse decay, long life, more than 8 years. 3C certification efficient aluminum copper motor, high strength clover fan, air volume, low noise, square plastic duct
3, easy installation, customers can also install, direct fixed, connected water (groundwater best) and electricity can be used
4, intelligent or manual sewage cleaning function: discharge time can be set for 3-9 hours, truly unattended operation, automatic operation.
5, the cooling effect is obvious: in the more humid areas (such as the southern region), generally can reach 8-12 ℃ about significant cooling effect; in particular, the hot, dry areas (such as the North, Northwest), cooling rate can reach about 10-15 ℃.
Environmental conditioning of Scope:
Personnel or time-intensive and requires rapid cooling transient place
Such as: auditorium, conference rooms, churches, schools, cafeteria, gymnasium, exhibition hall, shoe factories, garment factories, toy factory, markets, etc;
Strong smell of gas pollution, dust big place
Such as: the hospital lobby, waiting room, kitchen and chemical plants, plastic plants, electronics factories, chemical plants, tanneries, spraying sewage plants, rubber plants, printing and dyeing, textile, tobacco shop, factory farming, etc;
Fever or high temperature equipment production sites
Such as: machining, injection molding, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, food processing, glass, home appliances and other workshops.
Need to open door shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, casino, waiting room.

Product advantages:
1. Available in various power supply, a variety of motor control, with a top, bottom, side three kinds of wind way
2, the body of the modified copolymer PP plastic shell, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-deformation
3, high efficiency motor with high-quality aluminum copper alloy fully sealed enclosure design, good heat dissipation, low temperature, high degree of protection
4, independent research and development forming a dedicated fan, a greater amount of wind noise lower
5, open-water distributor, uniform and smooth water flow, clogging
6, using highly efficient evaporative cooling wet curtain cooling effect is obvious, easy to clean
7, automatic water control system, water shortage prompted the initiative
8,0-48 hour adjustable automatic cleaning function, intelligent maintenance without custody.

Model Power Air volume The use of the area Water storage capacity G.W/N.W Packing size 20GP 40HQ
HHB-55 150W 5500m3/h 40-50m2 50L 25/22kg 6660x445x1220mm 77 189