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Low temperature plasma purification equipment

Working principle:

Plasma technology for waste gas treatment technology is not the treatment of industrial waste gas washing technology, principle of pollutant treatment: under the influence of external electric field, the medium to produce a large number of articles can discharge the pollutant molecular electron bombardment, ionization, dissociation and excitation, and then triggered a series of complex physical and chemical reaction, make complex macromolecules transformation is a simple small molecule material safety, or toxic and harmful substances into harmless or low toxic harmful substances, so that pollutants can be degraded to remove pollutants, not transfer.

In the process of plasma chemical reaction, the energy transfer in the reaction of chemical energy by plasma is approximately as follows:

(1) Electric field + electron→Energetic electron

(2) High energy electron + molecule (or atom)→Active group (stimulated atom, stimulated radical, free radical)

(3) Active group + molecule (atom)→Composition + heat

(4)Active group + active group→Composition + heat

From the above process can be seen, the first electronic energy from the electric field, the transfer of energy to the atoms or molecules to obtain the excitation or ionization, molecular or atomic energy is excited, while some molecules are ionized, thus becoming active groups; after the collision between these active groups and atoms or molecules, active groups and activities after the formation of stable products and heat group. In addition, high energy electrons can also be trapped by electron affinity substances such as halogens and oxygen, and become negative ions. These negative ions have good chemical activity and play an important role in chemical reactions. The technology of dealing with industrial waste gas by plasma waste gas treatment is not washing technology, but it is the direct breakdown and direct bombardment of pollutants by high-energy plasma, which breaks the molecular chain, not the transfer of pollutants.

Application of low temperature plasma technology in environmental engineering:
Low temperature plasma technology is mainly used in the waste gas treatment in the petroleum, pharmaceutical, paint, printing and coating industries. A broad range of applications, the basic component is not affected by the temperature and the concentration of pollutants, odor and foul smell has decomposition effect, the removal rate of 80-98% of the foul smell, odor gas concentration after treatment to reach the national standard.

Technical characteristics:
The application of low temperature plasma waste gas treatment technology in waste gas treatment has the advantages of good treatment effect, low operating cost, no two pollution, stable operation, simple operation and management, and instant operation. Important characteristics: Taking non methane total hydrocarbons as an example, the removal rate of non methane total hydrocarbons may be only 45%, but the removal rate of odor and odor is 90%. This is because after the treatment of non methyl a, some molecules become small molecules, and when chromatography is used, it still shows non methane total hydrocarbons. The high removal rate of odor and odor indicates that more than 90% of the pollutants have been decomposed, because the decomposed substances also have some peculiar smell.

Model Air volume(m³/h) Equipment size(mm) Power(kw) Electric field(individual) Remarks
HFDDLZ-10K 10000 1500*1200*1400 2.4 8 Equipment shell material stainless steel 201
HFDDLZ-10K 10000 1700*1380*960 1.6 4
HFDDLZ-10K 10000 4000*1250*1280 2 4
HFDDLZ-20K 20000 1500*1600*1700 2.4 8
HFDDLZ-20K 20000 1700*1380*1680 3.2 8
HFDDLZ-20K 20000 4200*1250*2400 4 8
HFDDLZ-30K 30000 1500*2100*1600 4.8 12
HFDDLZ-30K 30000 1700*1380*2400 6 12
HFDDLZ-40K 40000 1500*2200*1700 2.4 12
HFDDLZ-40K 40000 1700*1380*31200 6.4 16
HFDDLZ-40K 40000 4200*2250*2400 8 16
HFDDLZ-50K 50000 1500*2100*2300 3.6 18
HFDDLZ-50K 50000 1700*1970*2400 6 18
HFDDLZ-50K 50000 4200*2250*3050 10 20
HFDDLZ-60K 60000 1500*2200*2500 3.6 18
HFDDLZ-60K 60000 1700*1970*3120 8 24
HFDDLZ-60K 60000 4200*2250*3500 12 24