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Dust collector series
Dust removal equipment features:
Safety due to combustible dust woodworking dust, dust produced by our company have reliable anti-static devices, intense pulsed anti-clogging device. Ensure the long-term safe operation of energy-saving equipment, high efficiency dust, dust powder after the film formed on the surface of the cloth tube (5 micron) removal efficiency of 99%.
1. Because it is using the downdraft design woodworking dust collector.
2. The negative working system.
3. Highly configurable pulse injection of self-purification system and high-quality media. Device running resistance than conventional reduced by more than 30%, reducing operating costs by more than 30%, if the frequency devices installed on saving effect is more ideal.
4. A series of anti-clogging device, for wood, furniture processing industry, long the material easy to plug the duct or dust problems in the baghouse before settling chamber and additional pipeline facilities set up to facilitate the access hole, intercepted a large, long material to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.
5. The use of sophisticated inverter technology (optional) fully automated control, instant continuous backwashing, simple operation, designed for total air volume air volume at full load.
However, very little time is actually woodworking equipment while working at this time if the fan is running at full air flow, will inevitably lead to a big horse car phenomenon, this time without the use of a number of energy-saving measures, will result in wasted power, high operating costs, And after using sophisticated inverter technology, wind turbines actually required by the inverter technology for automatic adjustment of fan speed and suction port, to match supply and demand in order to avoid the phenomenon of large horse-drawn carriage, saving electricity and running costs.
The company recently launched simultaneously with the energy-saving automatic switch matched duct valves (automatic valves) device, the installation of automatic valves in each device corresponding exhaust nozzle valve, when the device stops operation, the valve automatically closes immediately, Instant no ventilation equipment, fans will automatically slow down, reduce power consumption along with nature, in order to avoid the emergence of relying on manual operation leakage phenomenon.
Less floor space, beautiful layout.