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Ventilation and cooling principle of negative pressure fan

Ventilation principle of negative pressure fan:

The negative pressure fan and the environmental protection air conditioner expel the air outwards, so that the indoor air pressure drops, the indoor air becomes thinner, and a negative pressure zone is formed, and the air flows into the room due to the air pressure difference. In the actual application of industrial buildings, the negative pressure fan is concentrated on the side of the workshop, and the air inlet is on the other side of the workshop. The air is formed from the intake port to the negative pressure fan to form a convection blower. Hongfeng negative pressure fan indicates that during the process, the doors and windows near the negative pressure fan are closed and forced air is compensated by the door and window on the inlet side. The air is lined up and orderly from the air inlet into the workshop, flowing through the workshop, and discharged by the negative pressure fan. Thorough, efficient ventilation, ventilation rate can be as high as 99%. Through specific engineering design, according to the need to design ventilation rate and wind speed, any high heat, harmful gas, dust, smoke can quickly discharge workshop, any ventilation problems can be solved once and for all. Achieve the ventilation effect from a few seconds to open the fan.

Cooling principle of negative pressure fan:

First, ventilation cooling: due to sunlight, buildings, machinery, equipment, human body and other heat sources led to the need for ventilation, air temperature is higher than the outdoor. Hongfeng negative pressure fan called negative pressure air function will quickly exhaust indoor heat, so that the room temperature and the outside temperature is flat, not in the workshop temperature rise.

Two, air flow away body heat, air flow and accelerate the evaporation of sweat absorbing body heat, allowing the body to feel cool, cool and natural wind.

Three, negative pressure fan only ventilation cooling effect, no refrigeration function, cool is the feeling of the human body. Negative pressure fan can reduce the number of temperature is not scientific.

With the use of four, and the water curtain, when the heat of summer temperature in the workshop can be controlled within 28 degrees celsius. But the human body can feel cool compared with air-conditioning, slightly long time at the curtain of the people will feel cold and can not stand.

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