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Identification of the performance of negative pressure fan

Hongfeng negative pressure fan represents the negative pressure fan in the production process is very serious, each process can not be ignored, especially in the quality and performance of the gatekeeper.

First, to ensure dynamic balance. As you all know, dynamic balance is the basis to ensure the effective operation of negative pressure fans. The negative pressure fan with good quality and excellent quality has low vibration and low noise during the operation, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of the negative pressure fan.

Second, in the noise treatment, the enterprise can judge the noise through the change of the sound in the working process of the negative pressure fan.

Third, when observing the air volume of negative pressure fan, it can be judged by observing the fan blade at the front of the fan and the air pressure when the negative pressure fan works.

Fourth, through the determination of the current to determine whether the negative pressure fan in the technical aspects of the standard.

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